Frequently Asked Questions

What can coaching do for me?

Ambitious Addicts focuses on coaching for women in recovery, providing an opportunity to move into your full potential. Whether you’re looking to let go of the past, improve relationships, increase your belief in yourself, or navigate change as you grow, we will set your goals together. Coaching is future focused and works to help you establish those goals, identify why you are struggling to achieve them, and make a plan for moving forward.


How long is the program?


That’s up to you! Together we tailor a coaching package aligned to your goals, the time you know you can commit to coaching conversations, and how fast you want to go. All packages include one-on-one coaching sessions, workbooks and worksheets designed specifically for your goals, and email coaching. Whether you want to meet 3 times a week or once a month, it’s your program.

Can men join too?


At this time, coaching is centered around women in recovery. This includes all individuals who self-identify as female/feminine/femme, as well as non-binary/agender individuals.

I live outside the US.  Is this program for me?


Yes! Coaching sessions are available most hours of the day and can accommodate international schedules. The program is only available in the English language at this time, so you will want to have the ability to read/write in English to get the most out of the program.

I'm not actively engaged in a recovery program, but I used to be.  Can you help me?


If you are a person who has overcome an addiction and looking for support to maintain abstinence and need support in achieving goals outside of your program of recovery, Ambitious Addicts can help.

I've never been in recovery.  Can I join?


This program is best suited to individuals who have overcome an addiction, any addiction, and maintained abstinence for one or more years. We’ll let you decide for yourself if you’ve done that. Ambitious Addicts is a program of support, not recovery. If you have an active addiction that you need help with, we encourage you to explore options available to treat your addiction and look to us for support after you’ve abstained from your “drug* of choice” for at least one full year.


*Drug is used in this context to mean any substance or behavioral addiction including but not limited to: drugs, alcohol, gambling, spending/debt, sex, work, over-eating, over-exercise, etc.