How to Actually

Love Yourself

Complete your love inventory, interact with other women who face the same challenges as you, and create your personalized self-love roadmap for a realistic plan you can implement for real results immediately.

Only $57

Okay let me rephrase...

What if in 90 minutes you could?

✔️Find out exactly what's standing between you and your goals

✔️Uncover your own unique self-love method

✔️Create a plan that you will commit to

✔️Stop saying YES to things you don't want to do and START saying yes to YOU

✔️Interact with other women just like!!!

✔️Know exactly what to do and stop rolling your eyes when people tell you that you just need to love yourself.

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Here's the problem...

Everyone tells you you need to love yourself but no one is showing you HOW.

You've tried so many things already that you're starting to think

Maybe I'm not meant to have a good life

It's selfish of me to want more

I should just be grateful for what I do have

I don't have time to work on my goals

It shouldn't be this hard

Nobody else has these problems

During this live workshop, you will 

✔️Complete your personal self-love inventory

✔️Create your personal self-love formula - designed by you, for YOU

✔️Connect with other women who face similar challenges

✔️Learn the exact process you need to uncover what blocks you

✔️Unlock the power of your formula on your life 

✔️Create a plan for moving forward 

✔️Have the tools you need to get back on track with your journey to self-love

✔️And of to Actually love yourself.

What people say

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After spending countless hours on the couch watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, & counting ants on the sidewalk, I decided it was time for help. Help to figure out what I wanted to do with myself, and what obstacles I needed to remove. Terra's module helped me to figure out some hard truths about myself, and taught me to understand what our personal strengths are and our value.



I felt understood and motivated on my journey of self-discovery. Coaching sessions with Terra made me feel empowered, confident, and more open to different challenges.



Her workbook & webinars are truly enlightening. You will be surprised (at any age) how much you can be willing to let change happen with the right “mindset”.
She helped me recognize I had negative ruminating thoughts (responsive thoughts) :
about myself,
how I thought others saw me,
& my professional self worth.

I'm a recovery coach & a woman in recovery

not a therapist or a self-help author

What that means is that I actually practiced the exact methods I'm teaching you through this live interactive workshop.


In fact, I tried all the therapy, read all the self-help books I can get my hands on, and yes I even tried hugging myself and looking into a mirror saying "I love you" over and over and over. I attended 12 step groups (still do), got a sponsor, and you know what all of the things I tried had in common? They all told me "you have to learn how to love yourself." 


You know what they didn't tell me? You guessed it! How. They didn't tell me how. They did give me clues like Honesty, Open-Mindedness and Willingness but just saying those things wasn't the same as learning how to be those things.


So after years and years of doing all the things I was supposed to do, I hired a coach and I STILL struggled.


It wasn't until I created the SEARCH & FIND process (the exact process you learn in this workshop) that I began to have real breakthroughs in loving myself......consistently!

Are you ready for real breakthrough in your recovery, in your life?  I thoughts so! 

Grab the time and date that work best for you from the options below and get ready to learn how to actually love yourself!

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This is going to be so much fun! Email me at if you have any questions.

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