Episode Zero - Terra's StoryTerra Carbert
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Hi, I’m Terra Carbert, founder of Ambitious Addicts. If you’re anything like me, you’re here because you want more in your life and you’re ready to find out what comes after recovery. Throughout my life I’ve had addictions of various sorts. Eventually, gambling sank its teeth in so deep that I needed help. With the support of a 12-step program and therapy, I got the help I needed and stopped gambling. 


A little over a year into my recovery, I knew that I wanted more for my life. I always had ambition even while I was active in addiction. I set goals but found myself failing to make meaningful progress towards them. I started a business and even made some progress, but nothing like I imagined I would. I’d get stuck in a cycle of beating myself up, saying I wasn’t good enough, making plans to fix it, fearing I’d relapse if I got too successful, struggling with relationships in my life, and wanting to give up all together.

I knew that recovery was where I would continue to focus, but I didn’t quite know how to embrace my ambition without an escape hatch for emotional release. Then I was introduced to mindfulness, thought work, and a life coach. These were the missing pieces that allowed me to move on from the life I thought I wanted to loving life exactly where I am and making big progress on my goals. 

After studying these concepts for a couple years, I still struggled a bit. I found myself saying “Great, I know what I’m thinking, I’m aware…. Now what?!” In my own struggle to find the right coaching approach for my own needs, I created the Search & Find model.  This model is the basis for most of my work with my coaching clients. This work plus recovery is a total game-changer!


I founded Ambitious Addicts because it is my dream to help as many women in recovery as possible know that they are worthy and deserving of the life they dream of living.